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Nortel Networks Kidz Online (NNKOL) is a nonprofit educational organization whose mission, vision and values are dedicated to preparing K-12 students and teachers to live and work in the information age through innovative peer-to-peer technology training distributed using advanced digital technologies. The NNKOL Digital Studio has been constructed at Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) in Herndon Virginia, to help students and teachers develop skills to increase their knowledge of the rapidly changing world of technology. Nortel Networks, the signature sponsor, is providing the optical network hardware for a multi-gigabit Internet connection that has the bandwidth for millions of students and teachers to remotely access these programs, including Kidz Teaching Kids Live!, Streaming Futures, gURL Tech, Technology in Action and Teach IT.

NNKOL thanks Congressmen Frank R. Wolf and Tom Davis for the $800,000 appropriation in the FY2002 Federal Budget. This appropriation will help fund the creation of next generation broadband interactive content for our next generation of technology workers.

Congressman Frank R. Wolf
Chairman of the state and judiciary subcommittee
Co-Chairman of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus
Member of the House Appropriations committee Representing Virginia's 10th Congressional District

Congressman Tom Davis
Chairman of Government Reform Subcommittee on Technology and Procurment Policy
Member of Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the internet
Representing Virginia's 11th Congressional District

Released in June 2002, the Microsoft Class Server combines high quality educational content with anytime anywhere access for teachers, students and parents. It is the first Microsoft product to be designed specifically for educators, allowing them to electronically manage curriculum, lesson plans, content, assignments and assessments.

In June 2000, the Graduate School of Education at George Mason University was awarded a PT3 grant by the U.S. Department of Education. Part of this grant is to ensure that resources and best practices are widely disemminated...and this is being done through web casts produced at the Kidz Online studios.

Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) is a state chartered, nonprofit organization dedicated to building Virginia's future through technology. CIT has generously donated space and support to Kidz Online since summer of 2000.