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Welcome teachers! This is your one-stop shop for technology skills training and integration for your students and your own professional development. You’ll find creative and proven lessons that integrate technology into your classroom whatever subject you teach and an easy to use on-line curriculum management tool to customize lessons, make assignments online, assess student work and allow parents a view into your classroom. If you are looking for an afterschool curriculum that teaches technology skills in a fun and engaging way look through our after-school program idea book.

You can use one or all of these free resources for yourself and with your students in the classroom. These resources are designed to work together, or stand alone, depending on your needs and the subjects you teach. Pick and choose what’s right for you, for your students and your classroom!

Lessons that Integrate Technology NNKOL integrates technology across the curriculum. Online lessons created by educators are targeted to six – eighth grade, ninth and 10th, and 11-12th grade across all core subject areas: Art/Music, Educational Technology, English/Language Arts, History, Math, Science, Social Studies/Geography, and Vocational Studies.

Teachers and school administrators can easily link learning and assessment to specific regional curriculum standards; access high-quality lessons, create new projects and share best practices; customize instruction for individual students due to flexible technology; and increase parental involvement with a digital window into the classroom.

You can download our customized curriculum management tool, Microsoft’s Class Server, or import our files into any other curriculum management tool like Blackboard or WebCT. Through these online tools you can assign your lesson plans to your student’s email account, or post the assignment so that your students and their parents can access them at home or at school! Our CMT brings you a true e-learning environment. This web-based platform lets you manage your on-line lesson plan assignments, provides an automatic grading option and on-line quizzes for your students.